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Buy 5BR-ADB Butinaca online (5BR-ADBB) with fast delivery

5BR-ADB Butinaca (5BR-ADBB) is a new cannabinoid analogue of ADB Butinaca (ADBB), it has a similar chemical structure with a slight difference, bromo-substituted analog, has similar properties and equal cannabinoid potency. Buy 5BR-ADB Butinaca online

Our 5BR-ADB Butinaca (5BR-ADBB) is a CB1 and CB2 receptor agonist.
5BR-ADB Butinaca has equal dosage to ADB Butinaca(ADBB).
This drug has legal status in many EU countries at this time.


5BR-ADB Butinaca
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  • 5BR-ADB Butinaca
Formula C18H25BrN4O2
Molecular weight
Appearance    Powder
Purity    ≥ 98%

5BR-ADBB designer drug sold on this website is designed for research and forensic applications. A chemical research substance called 5BR-ADBB.

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