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Metonitazepyne (N-Pyrrolidino metonitazene) is an opioid drug, a strong analgesic, a derivative of benzimidazole, which has a similar chemical structure to etonitazene, one of the new analogues of metonitazene and etonitazepyne, but with a higher opioid potency (almost twice as much) and it can be compared to fentanyl. Buy Metoni-tazepyne online

Metonitazepyne has excellent analgesic properties and a sedative effect, resulting in euphoria. It can cause opioid dependence and tolerance if used regularly as an analgesic.

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Toxicological and physiological properties of Metonitazepyne have not been studied. Meanwhile,; metonitazepyne synthesized in the modern laboratory in compliance with all standards.


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